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frequently asked questions


Does Chicory Chai have an e-commerce shop?

Since we focus on customisation, we prefer interacting with you, one-on-one to  understand your exact requirements. That way, we are able to create something exactly the way you'd want. However, recently we have launched our DIY collection. Please check our SHOP page.

Where can I check Chicory Chai jewelry?

You may refer to our Instagram handle: 

How do I place an order?

1. You can reach out to us through one of the many channels of communication mentioned (Instagram, email etc.)

2. Based on our discussion, we will come to an agreement in terms of your requirement. 

3. Only when we mutually agree that what you need is what we can create, you give us a final go-ahead

4. Post your confirmation, we will share an official invoice with you on your specified email address.

5. Complete the payment to place the order.

6. We also have a DIY collection on our online shop. You may also purchase directly.

How can I get details on costs, materials, size, weight. etc. ? 

For existing designs listed on our site or Instagram page, we are aware that the pricing and other specifications are not mentioned.

You can DM us on Instagram or write to us at: You can mention the design and/or share a screen shot for easy reference.  

I have a collection of antique coins / pieces of old jewelry. Can you use them in making my customised piece of jewelry?

Yes, of course. Once you have spoken to us regarding the design and finalised the requirement, you may send the coins (or any other piece of jewelry) to our studio in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR 

I like a different brand's design but it's not available with them. Will you make it for me?

We do not copy / recreate any other designer's work as that would be unethical.

We only recreate non-copyrighted antiques from last century - 1950 and prior.

Will Chicory Chai jewelry react with my skin?

The metal we use is untreated and un-plated brass (an alloy of copper & zinc). It will tarnish over time but just as we maintain brassware at home, this is easy to care with either anti-tarnish solutions or simple lime-salt method. As a sustainable design studio, we do not use environmentally harmful electroplating processes that leave toxic byproducts behind. We use lab-tested Brass which is free of any Nickel & Lead and hence safe to be used for jewelry. However, if you have a sensitive skin prone to reaction from non-precious metal alloys, we would advise that you refrain from our jewelry made in brass and get our designs customised in Silver and/or Gold. 

What are the modes of payment available?

Customers residing in India can avail of following payment options:

  • Payment link -

    • Credit/Debit cards of Indian banks

    • UPI

    • Net Banking

Customers residing outside India can avail of following payment options:

  • Payment Link - International Credit/Debit Card

  • PayPal Payment link

We do not offer COD (Cash on Delivery) option

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes, the total invoice amount is to be paid in advance.

How long does an order take?

At least 14 business days for existing designs. For all exclusive, bespoke ones, we may take longer, keeping into consideration the additional work required. Approx. timeline will be communicated to the customer at the time of booking.

Is shipping free? Do you ship outside India?

Yes, within India the shipping is free. We ship worldwide. For all overseas orders, the courier costs are shared with you before confirmation of order. This cost differs from location to location. 

Why do the coins differ from my order piece to the ones I see in the reference image?

Sometimes that happens. It's not a mistake but an issue of availability of these antique coins. A design has certain proportions which we don't disturb. So depending on the coins that we source from our vendors, the coin may differ from the one you see on social media. Rest assured, it's an original coin.

Can I order your coin jewelry from any country in the world?

We cannot export currency in any form outside the country.

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