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our designs

Everything you see here were made keeping in mind each of our client's story & specific requirements; details that'll make the piece unique for them. It’s a celebration of the individual she (or he/they) is/are; each piece is high on sentiments & created to restore memories.

The prices mentioned here are indicative only. Factors which influence price of a piece are : metal used, intricacy of design, craftsmanship required, use of artificial or semi-precious stones, if any, etc.

placing an order

We are a bespoke design studio and every design made-to-order only.

We'd love to make a statement piece for you and the process is as follows:

  1. Share with us the design you like from our Instagram page on WhatsApp at +91 92057 11142

  2. We'll interact with you to understand your specific requirements.

  3. Once the design is finalised, we'll share the final cost with you.

  4. Upon your apporval, we'll share the pro forma invoice along with a payment link.

  5. Order will be confirmed and moved to workshop once the payment is made.

  6. We take 3-4 weeks to complete and dispatch an order. It may take longer if the design involves intricate work and therefore, extra man-hours.

Noor Neckpiece.png

Noor Neckpiece

Size/length - customisable

98% handcrafted

Coins - Original antique from Pre-Independent India. Same coin might not be available but we source closest possible. Hyderabad Nizam coin, Mughal Coin, Victorian coin shown here.


Made with a mix of brass & 925 silver


Depending on customizations, price range - INR 27,800 to INR 36,000

Shalimar Earrings.png

Shalimar Earrings

Length - 6 cms
Coins - Do paisa (Original Indian Antique)

98% handcrafted from sheet metal

Design can be customised to client's requirement. Can also be made in silver.

Price range

INR 13,000 to INR 18,000

Bangle Stack.png

Bangle Stack

Size - customisable 98% handcrafted

In 925 Silver

Moissonite - INR 11,200
Plain Kada - INR 3,400
Twisted wire linked bracelet - INR 8,700

Bugs - INR 7,200
Clover - INR 7,200

Cuban chain - INR 7,500

Same stack can be made in brass

Charms neckpiece with clover chain.png

Charms neckpiece with clover chain

Size/length - customisable

98% handcrafted

In Brass

The chain has a lock and the charms can be interchanged as per personal preference.


Coins - Original antique from Pre-Independent India.


Same can be made in 925 Silver

Clover chain - INR 5,200

Charms - Range INR 3,000 to INR 8,000

Below are some of our charms which can either go with Clover chain and/or a simple chain

Charms and Pendants 2.png
Charms and Pendants 3.png
Charms and Pendants 1.png

Each of the charms and pendants were custom made for our clients

Price range - INR 3,500 to INE 9,800

We custom design and make charms and pendants which speak of their personality. 

Charms Bracelet.png

Custom Charms Bracelet

Size/length - customisable

98% handcrafted

Combination of 925 Silver and Brass


Each charm in this bracelet has some significance to our client. Their likes, inspirations, personality traits, etc. 


Price range - INR 14,000 to INR 32,000

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