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As jewelry design & production studio, focusing on an individuals need, the nature of our work can be categorised into three major parts. What is most important in all the three options is that, WE WORK WITH YOU. In tandem to your loves, likes, needs, details. The process is fairly simple: Himani is in-charge of design (which is an outcome of your aesthetics, personal tastes, budget, timelines, etc) and our in-house master craftsmen convert it into a metallic piece of art. It could take anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks for your commissioned work to reach you. Nothing is available off-the-shelf. Every design is made-to-order only.

Restoration of Antiques:

This is a very important category for us… especially because it involves your precious piece(s). Not only because it is made of precious materials like gold and rubies and emeralds but because it has high emotional values attached to it. While ensuring that this original piece is unharmed in any  way, we incorporate it in a design of your choice to make sure that it doesn't just sit in your locker. A broken piece of jewel or one that is too heavy or too old; we take care of it all. It could be your grand ma’s nose pin or grand pa’s cufflinks or an heirloom watch or your baby spoon - if these are something you’d like to don but cannot in the condition they are in, we jump in (quite happily) and take care of them for you. 

It could be an antique piece of jewelry or a rare coin; depending your liking and our creative skills and aesthetics, we fuse them with your stories and craft an ornament that interprets the contemporary times, carrying within it, the essence of Chicory Chai. If not, we just restore it for you.

Bespoke Designs:

Here, we design and develop a piece of jewelry, that is personification of your stories.

We translate intangible things: your attachments, emotions, memories etc. into more specific design elements and integrate them to create jewelry. Here, we work with you towards immortalising your personal experiences and convert them into a piece of wearable art. 


Remember those things you said to each other as tiny tots? Convert it into a quirky piece of jewelry for yourself and your BFF! You love books; have a neck-wear with a favorite quote. Love urdu shaayari; have a hand cuff with urdu calligraphy. Your sister loves daffodils; give her a daffodil brooch. Had pet(s), get a jewelry in their memory.


Or you want a precious stone specially cut or carved for you; jadau buttons made for your sherwani, you want a piece of carved wood set in gold or diamonds paired with shark tooth, there is no limit (almost!) to what we can create for you. 


The design studio offers new designs from time to time. These can be ordered or customised to your need. You may pick up any of the designs from Chicory Chai archives on our Instagram handle and have it re-designed to suit your needs: make it smaller or bigger, in silver to gold, with or without coins, convert a ring into cuff-links, to give you an idea. The possibilities are endless. And unless the design has its own limitation, we are open to making them for you. We take an existing Chicory Chai piece alter/modify/amend it to your specific requirement.


The process could vary from each individual and therefore it's best to write to us at: to commission your unique piece of jewelry.

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