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"we are all mad here"

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Only someone who understands the profoundness of these words will ever have it hanging around her neck! And Yamini, I’ve no doubts, she lives by it! 

Yamini’s elder sister, Urvashi got in touch with us for creating something unique for the little sister. This was a gift that was celebrating the sister’s beautiful bond. And hence it was to be reminiscent of their special memories and things that they love doing together. 

I sent a short questionnaire to Urvashi asking for information that could tell me what Yamini was as person. We had a long telephonic chat and I got a glimpse into their special relationship. Along with few details like:

  • Love for Books - with capital B

  • Love for chai

  • Music

  • Frangipani flowers

  • Camera

  • Cat

  • Owl

  • Bindi

  • Sunglasses

For Yamini, an avid reader, I thought it would be nice to refer to her favorite books, for starters. We picked up ‘Alice in Wonderland’. (Oh, I totally love people who love AIW!) And thereon it was fairly easy - ‘We are mad here’ came pretty naturally and became the center around which we decided to add other details.

Choosing the right font was very important to keep the spirit of the quote. This quote also, to a larger extent, explained who Yamini was. Viola! The other details were put together in the first draft. Urvashi suggested a few changes but mostly gave a free hand on everything in this design. (This… this trust matters so much to me and my team)

We used brass in this - layers and fret work mostly. Tiny books, musical notes, kettle, cat, owl - my boys did wonder with these. Getting into each tiny detail is always a task but something I don't have to remind them of, even once. They are outstanding.

The neck-piece is, needless to say, 100% handcrafted. The only one in the whole world!!

Yamini, you are one lucky little sister!!

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