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Trail of Tara

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

This piece was created around two antique pieces - a south Indian nose ring and a Tibetan pendant.

The piece is about Tarabai’s journey from Tanjore to Ladakh, exploring the art of her land… a

journey she took to satiate her thirst for new places, people and beauty each

offered. Her unstoppable spirit and lust for life; a tornado in human flesh! As

she went along, she picked Ajrakh from Dhamadka, step-well from Bundi,

Motifs of Taj Mahal, poetry from Awadh… she got it all together and placed it

close to her heart.

Sudip, Sanjeev & Ashok created this piece.

Antique South India nath (nose ring)

Antique pendant from Ladakh

Design draft

Making individual units

Close-up of details

Jaali detail on the back of the piece

Work in progress

Work in progress

Hand fret jaali design - a Chicory Chai signature

The piece was aimed to match the towering personality of the wearer… every

design is personalised keeping in mind who the wearer is as much as what

her story is.

This piece took 11 weeks and 6 different techniques - Repousse & Chasing,

Fret Work, Granulation, Coiling & Engraving, to be made in brass, silver, and

semi-precious stones. It’s a bold collage of beautiful motifs, celebrating India.

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